Graphic designed for Quickie for gamers

Quickie for Gamers


Spend a lot of time gaming? We have a custom quickie package built just for you! Our ‘Quickie for Gamers,’ package includes an assortment of laptops, speakers and 15 smashables.

Smasahbles include our weekly variety of household glass/clay/porcelain/resin that includes dinner plates, side plates, bowls, shelf items (trinkets), mugs and glassware.

Package idea by a long-term casual staff member Hayden, who originally called this package the Rage Quit.

*Add second rager for 19 +HST and get 15 more smashables.

Price is per person. We reserve the right to substitute specific items based on availability. See our FAQ for additional information about group bookings, rules, and terms of service.

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