Cubicle smashables ready to be smashed

Don’t let the new normal get you down!

So, we’ve been pretty busy the past couple of weeks. It seems some of you have built up a bit of frustration during this pandemic.

You’ve been getting through your Zoom calls surviving with only your home office equipment and with no co-workers nearby. There hasn’t been much opportunity to let out any of that work frustration, so we’ve got a whole new rage room experience just for you!

Introducing The Cubicle a special rage room experience that’s all about smashing away some of your work frustrations.

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If you haven’t been able to let off some steam, book the Cubicle today. Suit up and get ready, we’re rolling things back to when life involved leaving the house to go to work, you know, when you didn’t know what Zoom was.

The Cubicle is a full, office replica. A cubicle setup complete with all the accoutrements you’d expect from an office space … PC Tower, PC monitor, a printer, fax machine, coffee maker, keyboard, mouse, and more. Plus, for a limited time, we’re throwing in a second PC monitor $12.50 value) at no additional charge.

So come on down, join us for a little office smashy smash. Take 45 minutes and smash every last piece of office equipment we can setup for you and then … go home relaxed.

And remember, you smash and we’ll clean up the mess.

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